DB Sheetmetals Ltd

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DB Sheetmetals Ltd

In house designed tool cabinet complete with lockable drawer and doors. Other designs made with different drawer options and gull wing work tops.

DB Sheetmetals manufactures a wide range of products depending on the customers needs. Products can  range from a simple sheet metal bracket  to a IP rated data rack cabinet.

Due to the fact DB Sheetmetals has its  own in house engineers using the latest in Solid Works design software  a customers thoughts can be transferred into a working 3D model with ease. This also allows DB’s to make sure all components will work and fit together before any work is carried out on the shop floor. DB Sheetmetals flexibility  means we can  manufacture whatever the customer needs.

Various products range from

IP Rated Data Rack Cabinets

• Chassis’s For Military Satellite Modems

• Metal Brackets Various Shapes & Sizes

• Chassis For Radio Controlled Tanks

• Point Of Sale Stands / Displays

• Computer Enclosures

• Tool Cabinets

• Waste / Recycle Bins

• Office Desking / Office Furniture

• Seed Hoppers

* Deck Plates For Catwalks

• Metal Shelving

Bespoke designed waste / recycling bins complete with screen printing on the removable lids

Various punched / laser cut enclosures manufactured to customers specification. We can even arrange sub-contract operations such as electro plating & screen printing

Data rack cabinets can be made to customer’s specification and also be IP rated if needed, if you are not sure on IP ratings please see the IP ratings page.

Bespoke designed stainless steel trolley for the pharmaceutical industry complete with formed tube handle and bump stop. All polished & re-grained after welding

DB Sheetmetals has the ability to produce a wide range of brackets to the customers specification. Depending on size, we have the ability to thump counter sink and even online tapping via the EM punch

This picture of a mini (1420mm x 895mm) parked outside a cafe is made up of around 22,000 different size punched holes. It took around an hour on the EM punch to produce. (Mini art)

DB Sheetmetals Punched Mini Picture Embossed.png

Mild steel constructed seed hopper which is then mounted to a trailer. Item measures around 2x3 mtrs. Made from various punched and rolled panels